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This global service allows you to have your own toll free phone number from many countries around the world. Calls to your toll free number will be forwarded to any phone number you choose (business, home, mobile, etc.) anywhere in the world.

We also offer virtual PBX services and regional telephone numbers.

You will noticed that this website looks different from most other telecoms websites you find on the web. There's no hype, no-come-on, no bells and whistles. It's our way of drawing attention to what's really important:

A simple unbeatable offer.

Dear Business Owner,

RE: Taking The Local Business Nationally & Global.

A 0800 toll free number is a value added alternative number linked to your existing landline, switchboard or mobile number. Your current number is not affected at all and can still be used. We are in a position to offer you a low cost 0800 toll free business phone number. By utilizing toll free phone numbers, businesses provide clients and suppliers with a means of communicating with them at no charge; instead, the business that maintains the toll-free line pays all costs associated with the line including incoming calls.

Global Call Forwarding is an International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) and is an ideal option for those businesses interested in establishing or maintaining a national or global presence. Since the call is no cost to the caller, overseas customers and colleagues will appreciate the convenience of contacting you when needed. Call Forwarding is billed in single minute increments.

Now, a couple of benefits, if we may:

  • Toll Free Number For Life - Your 0800 number is linked to your business for life. Having a 0800 (toll free) phone number will allow your business to move to different areas without changing your telephone number or changing all your material with your old number.
  • 0800 numbers are "non-geographic telephone numbers" - They do not have an area code that is linked to a company's location and therefore makes a business appear national, while maintaining a local identity.
  • Flexibility - In the event that your business finds itself without power or a victim of cable theft, your 0800 toll free number can be routed to any other number world wide as a temporary measure. You can now have your calls answered at other branches, other businesses or any available landline or mobile you choose.
  • Credibility - Consumers often assume that a toll-free number is associated with a large company so logic dictates that they will want to go with a more established player. The "free" aspect encourages increased number of enquiries and orders.
  • One of the simplest ways to project professionalism is through a 0800 toll free number - A toll free number enhances a business' image as a successful, professional company, and many experts contend that it shows clients that customer service is an important component of the business's operating philosophy.
  • Marketing - A toll free service usually details incoming calls on your statement, with names and numbers allowing easier customer tracking.

Our Toll Free Services

Basic Service

  • Basic Toll Free number linked to either a land line number, SIP account or a mobile number.
  • NO PBX or IVR functions.
  • No Set up fee.
  • Fixed Monthly recurring fee of R 250,00 (currently).
  • Rate per minute depends on originating and terminating numbers.
  • No Charge for incomplete, unanswered or busy calls.
  • No hidden fees.
  • User control panel
  • Free Monthly Statements.

Comprehensive Service

  • As per Basic services.
  • Full PBX functions.
  • Fixed Monthly recurring fee of R 500,00 (currently).

PBX For Your Cell Phone

  • From R100 pm.
  • Includes a land line number
  • Doesn't need VOIP.
  • Doesn't need data.
  • Works wherever you have network coverage.
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