• The 0800 number is a virtual extra number linked to your chosen number and your current service is not affected at all.
  • The 0800 number is only for incoming calls; outbound calls are still utilising your current service and number.
  • Calls are completely free of charge to callers.
  • The toll free number can be rerouted to any other number at any time as required.

Apply For a South African Toll Free Number

Please note:

  • The form is fillable. This means that you can type out and or select from the relevant drop down fields on the fillable pdf.
  • We are now accepting digitally signed application forms for Prepaid clients and for Post-paid clients where the credit limit required is below R8000 per month. (The credit limit includes services fees and call charges)
  • Each page of the application form needs to either initialled and or signed depending on the page.
  • There is a separate section for the Debit Order Mandate, where the debit order process is clearly outlined. The debit order mandate needs to be completed and signed if you opt for a Post-Paid service. If you prefer the pre-paid option, please cross out the debit order section and write "Pre-Paid" at the top.
  • A geographical area code must be indicated to which the 0800 number will be linked before being forwarded to your number.

Please follow the following instruction very carefully:

  • Please complete this form electronically and save it before signing it.
  • Then sign it and save it as a different file.
  • Please email both the unsigned and signed versions to enquiries@switchtel.co.za (in a single email). The unsigned version is required for extraction of the information, which in turn improves the time it takes to capture applications, whilst the signed version will be retained for contractual purposes.

Required documentation for speedy number allocation:

1. Fully completed and initialled application form.
2. Copy of ID of Authorised signatory (or passport if signatory is a foreign national).
3. Proof of business address.

Download the Application form

You are welcome to contact us if more information is required.

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